Gift cards

Surprise your loved ones

Give your family, relatives, or friends a positive experience using a wide range of services at Wellton Hotels and SPA centers in Old Riga.

Cards of any value

Feel free to choose any face value of your Wellton Hotels gift card. If necessary, ask the hotel staff for advice on what value of the gift card you should choose for the desired set of services.


Wellton Hotels gift cards can be used to pay for almost all services of our hotels (rooms, SPA area, lobby bar)

Wellton SPA gift cards are valid in the respective SPA center:

Where to buy?

Gift cards can be purchased at any of the Wellton Hotels, in our online shop, or online by sending an e-mail request:

Wellton Riga Hotel & SPA:
SPA Oasis:

Wellton Centrum Hotel & SPA:
SPA Centrum:

Wellton Riverside SPA Hotel:
SPA Riverside:


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