Spa and Wellness

Bringing the body and soul together – in Wellton spa centers we make sure your well-being is well balanced.  Provide a moment where you could pamper yourself and feel beautiful, radiant and relaxed.

In our spas you get positive experience and restore your spirit and harmony with yourself and the world around, allowing you to escape everyday life.

With the variety of services, therapies and luxurious treatments on offer, Wellton spas will try to satisfy every guest and find suitable procedures that you will love. We use only the best skin care products and the most advanced technology applied by skilled professionals.

Our team of highly qualified masters is dedicated to serving  individual needs of our guests – services could be full tailor-made and customized to be best appropriate for your needs.

Maintaining inner and exterior beauty can be difficult to achieve with our hectic lifestyles. In Wellton spas we are dedicated to helping you bring out that inner beauty by providing you with the highest quality lasting treatments and services  - and that will definitely reflect on physical level.